"Everything A Good Man Needs" is now Available

I wrote this song with my late friend and mentor, the legendary Gregg Allman. We planned on including this one on his final album "Southern Blood" but we ran out of time as it was during a steep health decline for him, and he ultimately succumbed to cancer before we could record this one. This was the first song we ever wrote together. We started it way back in 2013 or so.

Whenever we would pull into a town or a hotel on the road and Gregg was excited to be there he would usually say..."this place has everything a good man needs." I remember thinking this would be a great title for a song and filed it away. As we started to carve away on a groove, we were constantly referencing our mutual hero, Johnny "Guitar" Watson.

This song is definitely a true story with references to Gregg's life on the road. We just wanted to do a fun, funky, blues with a tongue and cheek message about finding love out on the road. It came together over the course of the year, I was really proud of that bass line hook of the song that Gregg came up with.

Gregg Allman's lifelong best friend and confidant, Chank Middleton, helped me get a demo of this song to Taj Mahal way back in early 2017. To my delight, Taj called me up and said he loved the track and would like to cut it on a record. Since he didn't have plans to do a record of his own soon he offered to sing it on mine. I was thrilled of course, as Taj is a personal musical hero, and at this point probably Gregg's favorite living singer. It felt like Gregg would approve.

This is the only song that was not tracked in the South. In February of 2017 Taj was in New York City for the GRAMMY Awards. It was my first time being nominated as well for my work on Gregg Allman's "Southern Blood" and being nominated as a writer for "My Only True Friend." So I called up Taj and asked him to come by Studio 127 in Harlem near my apartment so we could finally cut the song. He agreed and we set up the date. I also heard from my friends that week, the legendary drummer, Bernard Purdie, and his wife Celia wanted to come have lunch with us and Taj. Why not have Bernard play drums after lunch on the track I asked! He put that signature "Purdie Shuffle" funk groove and locked the song into a whole new pocket. That's Eric Finland on electric piano and my Gregg Allman bandmates, Brett Bass on bass and Pete Levin on B-3 organ.

Once we got the track done we sent it down to Memphis to have Marc Franklin do the horns at Scott Bomar's studio. Iā€™m really proud of this track for many reasons. I know that Gregg would be thrilled to have Taj AND Bernard playing our song.

-Scott Sharrard

Jesse Guglielmo