Scott Sharrard - A Tribute for Gregg Allman

Scott Sharrard - A Tribute For Gregg Allman captures a unique experience at a unique moment in time. This intimate solo-acoustic performance occurred mere weeks after the death of Sharrard's longtime band-leader and childhood hero, Gregg Allman.  
After battling cancer for several years, Allman succumbed on May 27th, 2017.  Sharrard's June 15th performance at Rockwood Music Hall's intimate stage 3, in New York City, features personal remembrances and renditions of Gregg Allman classics like "Midnight Rider" and "Melissa," along with new tracks from the heretofore unreleased final Gregg Allman record, Southern Blood. The posthumously released, Southern Blood has since been nominated for two Grammys, one of which recognizes the song Sharrard co-wrote with Allman, "My Only True Friend." Sharrard's powerful acoustic rendition of that song didn't leave a dry eye in the club.
Filmmaker Scott Rosenbaum, working with limited time and resources managed to craft a piece that captures Sharrard's rawness as he is still grappling with the loss of a figure that loomed large in all aspects of his life. Drawing on the high contrast, black and white aesthetic of the Duane & Gregg Allman record, the concert film serves as a fitting tribute to the two late Allman brothers and the tremendous impact that they had both on Sharrard personally and the entire popular music landscape they so heavily impacted.

Jesse Guglielmo