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Scott is excited to offer various levels of guitar and vocal training. Below are links to purchasable online courses taught by Scott as well as some demonstration video content. For more information on private guitar and vocal lessons taught via Skype, please fill out the following interest form and you’ll receive a response shortly.

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My Music Masterpass

In this two part blues & slide guitar lesson, Grammy-nominated guitarist Scott Sharrard (Solo Artist, Gregg Allman, etc.) shows you the ins and outs of this iconic music style. Scott discusses and demonstrates the foundation of the blues, phrasing and note choice, Freddie King, Albert King and more. If you want to get an in-depth look at American roots music, so you can build a strong foundation across numerous styles, this guitar lesson series is for you!

GuitaR GATE - Allman Brothers Roots and TEchniques

In this course, you will learn the roots, influences, and guitar techniques made famous by Duane Allman and Dicky Betts. In this 13 lesson course, Scott shares his perspective, stories, and how he gets those sounds. Click the image to learn more.

Break Down WAy

BreakDownWay.com offers dozens of full length streaming lessons. Click the photo to view a free 35 minute lesson where Scott and his techniques and best practices to learn Duane Allman’s slide guitar style.

Guitar.com - Scott Sharrard Gregg Allman Band Rig Tour

Scott Sharrard of the Gregg Allman Band spent some time with Guitar.com showing them his on-stage rig, and talking about playing next to the Rock and Roll Hall of Famer.


Reverb Interview | Scott SharraRD on The Gibson Varitone ES-345

Scott Sharrard, of the Gregg Allman Band, discusses his Gibson Varitone ES-345 and the illusive varitone circuit. Llike many blues guitarists, he loves the tone of a pushed tube amp and not much else. Scott shows how the varitone circuit can bring you from a classic ES-335 tone to that B.B. King honk to much more.