ENDLESS ROAD: Episode #4

The Last Visit, Saying Goodbye To A Friend & Mentor

Saying goodbye to a friend or loved one with a terminal illness is never easy. Now consider what Scott Sharrard went through as he made what would be his final visit to Gregg Allman’s house. Scott’s trip to see Gregg took place about a month prior to the music legend’s passing. Consider this as well: The first time that Scott had ever seen Gregg in person happened when Scott was just a kid in the crowd at an Allman Brothers concert. Yet, like his final visit with Gregg, that first show was unforgettable. Seeing Gregg and the ABB for the first time, ignited a passion in Scott that helped to inspire him as a musician.

After Gregg welcomed Scott to his solo band, their relationship became one of mentor and protégé. Sharing a common bond for a love of music, Gregg and Scott became close friends and ultimately song-writing partners. As one of the tight circle of people who knew about Gregg’s terminal diagnosis, Scott stood by Gregg on stage and in the studio during the recording sessions for Southern Blood. And, as he visited Gregg for the final time in person, Scott’s focus was simply to ease his friend’s pain during what were the final days of his life. For the story of Scott’s last visit with Gregg, check out the podcast below.