Photo By Derek McCabe

"On August 23rd, 2008 I auditioned for Gregg Allman's band at an Allman Brothers concert in Camden, NJ. Taking the stage with that band for the first time was one of the most thrilling and intimidating moments of my life. Luckily I passed the test and after many miles on the road, a live album and so many internal band changes, I now find myself getting ready to fly to Muscle Shoals today to begin work on Gregg's first studio album with his own band since the 1980's...Searching for Simplicity and Low Country Blues were done with mostly studio sidemen instead of Gregg's touring band. Not only that, but we are recording at Fame studios, the Rosetta Stone of soul music. We are also lucky enough to have Don Was at the helm as Producer, who has already proved himself to be the down to earth maestro that we had all hoped for. I've been hearing Gregg sing the songs we wrote together as well as the new cover he's doing of my song 'Love Like Kerosene' for a couple years now. I couldn't hope for a better setting or band to realize these tunes as well as the cover song ideas that Don, Gregg and I and the band have come up with. Of course my solo band will be on pause for the month but we are coming back strong in April and through the summer. We are getting asked to play a lot of festivals, of course my touring schedule with Gregg is going to be busy but we have at least managed to lock down a slot in our own backyard in Upstate NY at Mountain Jam. Many more gig announcements for Gregg and my group to come. And I will be putting out that new live album of my own this summer, stay tuned for that as well. I feel like music in general is getting better and I hope I can play some part in helping to protect it with all these projects. One thing for certain is that I will continue to work hard and be thankful for this incredible journey that its been. It's a job that I truly love and Ill be a fan for life. Onwards."


VIDEO   Gregg Allman Band Live, Back To Macon DVD: "Whipping Post"