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"This was an incredible week in Macon Georgia with Gregg and the band. First off, the band is just playing better and better, this may have been our best string of gigs yet. Since we were here for a week this year I took this opportunity to really dive into Macon and the Abros history. Visiting Duanes grave and spending time at the big house pulls a lot of energy out of you. Then you eat at H&H and experience the soul food that kept these musical visionaries alive, where they ate on Mama Louise's credit (Mama was with us at the gigs all week), you can feel that the town sustained and revived them in between epic road battles and further musical explorations. They had all left other lucrative and safe musical pursuits and bands to design their own revolutionary sound in music. Duane was their leader. Macon was the staging ground that he chose. Of course everyone wants to know what it's like to play Duanes Gold Top dubbed "Layla" as it was used on the first two Allman Bros albums and Claptons "Layla" album. Well Thanks to Richard Brent and Rob Schneck at the Big House I was able to play the guitar all week. The guitar has an enormous tone. It makes every other guitar sound like a toy. The pick ups were heavily modded by Duane at one time (he took the originals whe he traded away the axe but they have been recently replaced with exacting copies), the wood is that rare '50's Gibson wood made from an extinct breed of trees, the guitar howls with a low end resonance that just goes on and on. Duane left a piece of his soul in the bridge pickup. Playing that instrument that was used on the original recordings and playing those songs onstage with Gregg for some of his biggest fans in Macon...it's as special as it sounds and I'm truly honored. I won't lie, I had chills the whole time. Richard also brought me a slide that belonged to Duane and was passed down to Dickey and Warren. Playing those call and response exchanges with Gregg's vocal and that slide on that guitar was too much...My main take away other than just being so thankful that Duane graced this planet and lead the charge for his vision, is that we need to carry this music and whatever lies next further. Music has been adrift for a while now. But I feel it coming back. It has too. Never forget what the Abros did. They literally starved and battled for their music. It was everything to them. Now it's everything to us. That's what it takes. Let's all do our best this year and as musicians and as music lovers let's help each other to be better and protect and push the music. And no matter what you play or listen to don't forget at some point to come to Macon and pay your respects. Some of these men gave all in the course of giving us the eternal joy of their music. This is the real shit that matters. Onwards."



"Dreams" w/ Duane Allman's 1957 Goldtop Les Paul
Grand Opera House, Macon, GA
January 16, 2016
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